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High-Temperature Multi-layer Incinerator System

The high temperature multi-layer incineration system of EURUS(model name) divides the inside of the incinerator into 3 ~ 4 spaces by injecting powerful air into the incinerator through the multi-purpose air injection nozzle installed in the incinerator, Because the time will be longer, all harmful gas including dioxin is made to be able to decompose completely combustion

Structure and Features

(1) The high-temperature multi-layer incineration system has a simple integral structure when viewed from the naked eye, but when it is operated for incineration, it has a stronger air curtain with a primary combustion chamber (lower layer), a secondary combustion chamber (middle layer), and a tertiary combustion chamber. And the waste is completely incinerated through the primary, secondary, and tertiary sequential combustion processes

(2) Inside the incinerator, the inner walls of the refractory cast tube are installed, which enhances the effect of oxidation combustion while maintaining the heat inside the furnace

(3) The burning gas is continuously pushed downward by the radiant heat of the upper combustion chamber and becomes liquid after melting in the solid state. In the upper layer, the mixed gas combustion by the flowing air layer, one of the key know-how of EURUS technology, is advanced

(4) With this principle, the high temperature atmosphere of 1,250 ° C is stably maintained in the upper part of the incinerator, which completely destroys harmful substances such as dioxins

Part and function description

aa: openable lid

ab: garbage inlet(use with conveyor)

ac: gas outlet

ba: chamber body

bb: auto sludge out device

ca: central air injection pipe

cb: air blower

cc: air injection port

cd: agitator(can burn high water content waste)

heat and gas pushed downward by aircurtain


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